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WATM (Weekly ATM) strategy is a very profitable strategy that collects premium week after week. David will provide you with the strike, exact entry and exit to create the potential for a weekly paycheck to be automatically deposited into your account. A low risk, low stress strategy that doesn't have to be watched every day, just sit back, go about your business, and let the premiums roll in.


When entries are aligned on both our Compass & Market Internals Dominator Trading Systems our win rate has been an amazing 92%!

Pictured below the Market Internals showed us a huge disparity of Down Tick vs. Up Tick which aligned with our Compass System confirming that Institutional Money was pushing the price of the SPY lower. These set-ups, which I call the SPY Super System, have been as good as money in the bank for us for the past two years!

Market Internals Dominator

  • Looks at market internals for all 5 indexes; Dow, NYSE, QQQ, SPY & Russell 2000
  • Analyzes the number of stocks moving up on Up Volume and Up Ticks vs. the number of stocks moving on Down Volume and Down Ticks
  • When there is a large disparity the software will create a signal for entry.

Compass Trading System

  • Triple Screen Assessment of Momentum &Trend
  • Institutional Money Flow
  • Quant (Related Instruments)
  • Increases accuracy when used together with Market Internals Dominator.
  • Break out of the box entry signals

Top Gun Method

David leverages the Compass Trading System to find the highest probability trade setups. He relies solely on technical analysis of support and resistance, algo line support and resistance, candlestick patterns and setups, relative strength & weakness, and risk/reward of profit targets to send you the best of the best trades that he refers to as his Top Gun Trades.

Wyse Way to Trade Options Master Class Modules

David will teach you the strategies that are called out in the Compass Alert Service. They are mostly calls and puts, however, the service also includes a few other configurations that have been amazingly profitable. You will have a clear understanding of what the objective is and exactly how and why we are taking the position. An enormous amount of educational material. Great for new traders and seasoned veterans.

Trading options can be exciting and potentially lucrative. That said, there’s nothing like the massive profit potential and unparalleled excitement that trading stock options can offer you. 

In fact, in just the past 9 months, I’ve provided my members with a number of opportunities to cash in on fast-moving, high-flying trades, which produced gains of over $50k!

With the Compass Alert Service package you will get SMS Text Alerts on all of David Wyse's Trades!

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Quarterly Reg. Price $596

Annual Reg. Price - $1996

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David Wyse - Professional Options Trader

David Wyse - Professional Trader

I’m a 13-year professional options trader.

I have been verified with Redditt and was able to accomplish a 89.6% win rate in 2022.

Maybe you’ve seen my publications in Redditt's community of traders.

My training has allowed me to cast aside 99% of the useless indicators and trading systems that lead to failure in 95-98% of day and swing traders.

My options trading system is totally unique and based on mathematical modeling.

My goal is to provide you with successful trades, grow your account and teach you my options trading methodology.

Together we will trade the best and skip the rest!