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Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? Look no further, because The Money Flow Tracker is here to revolutionize your trading experience. Our powerful and cutting-edge discretionary trading software is designed to empower traders like you with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions and seize profitable opportunities in the market.



Unmatched Performance

Stands out as the best discretionary trading software in the industry. With it's advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, you can expect unparalleled performance that consistently delivers results.

User-Friendly Interface

We believe that powerful tools should also be easy to use. Our intuitive user interface makes navigating the software a breeze, whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out.



Your success is our priority. This Software includes advanced risk management features that help you mitigate potential losses and optimize your risk-reward ratio.

Traders Are Loving The Money Flow Tracker!

Learn More About The System:

Our approach to trading sets it apart from conventional methods.

Unlike the common reliance on standard indicators, MFT's methodology is rooted in advanced mathematical modeling and a unique triple and quadruple screen analysis.

This distinctive strategy has proven to be a game-changer for traders, as it focuses on what truly matters – maximizing profitability.

Click The Video and Watch Pro Trader David Kushner explain this revolutionary system!

The Methodology Behind Money Flow Tracker's Success

Mathematical Modeling

The MFT leverages the power of mathematical modeling to decipher intricate market behaviors.

By delving into complex equations and data patterns, the system identifies hidden opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Triple and Quadruple Screen Analysis

Departing from traditional single-screen analysis, The MFT employs a sophisticated triple and quadruple-screen approach. This method involves scrutinizing multiple screens simultaneously, enabling the system to capture a more comprehensive view of the market's dynamics and trends.

Institutional Money Flow

RLT has developed this trading strategy to center around institutional money flow. By tracking the movement of institutional funds, the system will provide you with powerful and precise entry signals that keep you in the same direction as institutional money. Following along with the Institutional money flow will be the key to your success.

The Profitable Difference

Embracing this innovative methodology has resulted in a tangible impact on trading outcomes. Traders who have integrated MFT into their approach have reported increased profitability and more successful trades. The emphasis on mathematical modeling, multi-screen analysis, and institutional money flow has unlocked opportunities that were previously untapped.

Here Is Everything You Will Receive:


Money Flow Tracker Trading System

Experience the power of The Money Flow Tracker, where we unveil the secrets of Wall Street money flow and revolutionize your trading journey. Our cutting-edge analyses, fueled by the dominant force of Wall Street money, leaving traditional methods in the dust. Say goodbye to ineffective indicators and welcome a quantum leap in trading success.


REVO Automated Trading System

The Revolutions Software and Entry Signal is a versatile automated trading model that offers optimized entry signals for various markets and assets. Powered by the proprietary Cerebral Cortex code, it employs forward-looking algorithms to predict optimal entry points. Unlike fixed-code systems, this strategy adapts to different market conditions, making it a unique and customizable tool for traders across stocks, forex, and futures.


NDT Trade Execution Platform

A game-changing tool for simpler and smarter trading.

Say goodbye to the complexities of trade entry and management. In fast-paced markets, setting up orders can be overwhelming, but our platform makes it effortless. Our platform analyzes candlestick patterns and intelligently selects optimal entry points. It waits for a candle to close before executing the trade. Once the trade is live, the platform takes control, managing it based on your preferences.
You're in charge of setting targets and stops, which can be adjusted as the trade progresses. We offer a unique feature that triggers trades on pull-backs, ensuring profitable market entry. With unmatched trade management options and trailing stop configurations, our platform gives you a competitive edge.


Market Scanner

Imagine there's a smart system that looks at lots of stocks, futures, and Forex markets, like a detective searching for clues. When all the clues show that big investors are making a market move, it gives a green (buy) or red (sell) signal. If it's not sure, it shows yellow. This system can watch different timeframes for different types of traders and even track different ways prices move.


Prop Trader Live Trading Room

Join Prop Trader David Kushner and follow along as he trades 8 funded accounts with ease and teaches you the ins and outs of his trading style. take the same trades with David as he calls out all of his trades in the room using his rule-based methodology, answers Q&A, and members are able to schedule private 1 on 1 with David. He will provide you with a roadmap to pass your evaluations to get funded and stay funded.


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