Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do most traders fail?

Most traders fail because they search for a confluence of indicator signals that trigger consistently successful long and short trades. They purchase software system after system that promises to have found this indicator confluence, “Holy Grail”. At the end of this road are broken promises and an empty trading account.

The truth about trading Futures, Forex and stocks is:

No series of indicator signals taken alone can provide you with trading entries that have a high positive predictive value for success. This is a simple mathematical truth.

Software salesmen want you to take their sensitive “dummy” signals:

Some software salesman market sensitive “dummy” signals; these types of signals get you into successful trades early. But the cost of trading with a sensitive system is a lack of specificity; this means you will get a lot of false-positive (bad trades) that get you stopped out.

Software salesmen want you to take their specific “dummy” signals:

Some software salesman market specific “dummy” signals; these signals get you into fewer false-positive (bad trades) that get you stopped out. But the cost is that your entry signal into successful trades will come late.

How do I overcome this problem?

The failure cycle can only be broken if indicator signals are taken in context. That is, there is an associated strict analysis of market structure and order-flow all done on multiple time frames.

How is Right Line Trading Different?

The Right Line Trading platform has exact entry indicator signals but these signals only occur after the platform has assessed market structure, order flow and performed fractal analysis (indicators assimilated data from multiple time frames); it’s all done automatically. This makes entry signals remarkably accurate.

What markets does Right Line Trading software work on?

The software works on any financial instrument, futures, Forex and stocks and on any time frame. It is also equally effective on tick, time, range or Renko bars.

Right Line Trading software:

This is the end of idle promises. Right Line is owned by traders not salesman, who use the system every day. It will make you a successful trader, we guarantee it.

The Trading Platform of Choice:

We recommend NinjaTrader: it is our preferred trading platform. Its easy to set up and configure charts and its SuperDOM execution system allows you to configure and save complex trading strategies. For instance, if you trade multiple contracts you can set up multiple profit targets and trailing stops. Finally, we believe that NinjaTrader has the best technical support team in the industry.