Money-Flow Tracker Software and Revolutions Software and Entry Signal System

The Revolutions Software and Entry Signal is a quantitative automated trading model designed to provide the trader with optimized entry signals. The system can be configured to trade any asset class, market, or financial instrument on any time frame. At the core of the strategy is the Right Line Trading proprietary code with forward-looking algorithms designed to forecast and search for potential optimal entry signals. Core code is based on Money-Flow Tracker Software analytics, which are required for the system to function properly. We call the core code the Cerebral Cortex. Inputs for the core code are modifiable by the company and the traders themselves. This provides the Revolutions Software with unparalleled, modifiability.

The failure of almost all trade entry systems lies on their reliance on a fixed code to optimally trade differing market conditions. Mathematically, this is not possible. High-volume, high-volatility markets require modified algorithms when compared with those necessary to optimally trade low-volume, low-volatility market environments. The Cerebral Cortex has a “personality” that can be easily modified to trade these differing market conditions. The Revolutions Software and Entry Signal is a strategy, not an indicator. This provides it with automation capability. The system can also be easily back tested. There is no other program like this, available to the retail trader.

The company has three uniquely optimized systems designed to specifically trade their respective markets: 1) Stocks, 2) Forex, 3) Futures. Each is associated with a win percentage of 85% or greater.


  • One Month Live Trading Room

  • Weekly Educational Training Sessions

  • Video Tutorial Library

  • Unlimited VIP Trading Support

  • White Glove Installation

Cost: $3,999 per year