Multi-Time Frame Laguerre/Order-Flow System


  • Multi-time frame analysis of Order-Flow
  • Multi-time frame analysis of Momentum via use of the Laguerre Indicator

  • Advanced volume-based analytics

  • 15 and 50 proprietary exponential moving averages

  • Pivot Indicator

Price: $1399



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A key assessment that is represented by the dots and crosses above the candles. This is a small part of our powerful neural net. These signals represent other markets that correlate in direction with the market you are trading. When the dots and crosses are present on your entry candle it means you are trading in the same direction as a basket of stocks that all move in the same direction.

A more complex component of our neural net. This indicator (seen in section #2 of your chart) and represented by 5 lines that track the direction of 9 correlative markets. When you trade long with the quant lines green you know you are trading is the same direction as a large basket of markets that correlate in direction with the market you are trading (positive money flow). The exact opposite is true for a short trade. This markedly increases the win percentage on your trades.

Performs a multi-time frame assessment of momentum, stochastic and order-flow. The order-flow assessment is done by utilizing a proprietary “market delta” formula that corrects buy/sell imbalances and always tells you who is in control of the market: bulls or bears.

Calculates a multi-time frame analysis of trend on the market you are trading. This is represented on your charts by background color: pink for down, green for up. You should always trade in the direction of the multi-tile frame trend.

Calculates trade entries based on the exponential movement of price utilizing a stochastic equation. Provides you with remarkably accurate trade entry signals.

Trade entry based on the multi-time frame assessment of price-action and market structure.

Evaluates close to a dozen independent variables responsible for the future movement of price in any market, providing you with incredibly accurate trade entries.