Multi-Time Frame Laguerre/Order-Flow System


  • Multi-time frame analysis of Order-Flow
  • Multi-time frame analysis of Momentum via use of the Laguerre Indicator

  • Advanced volume-based analytics

  • 15 and 50 proprietary exponential moving averages

  • Pivot Indicator


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The Oscillator is an old indicator created over 40 years ago. Since the first version was released as Stochastic, many other versions have followed, Including RSI and Williams K. All are variations of the same theme. These indicators were created to assess momentum and their number one function was to track divergence signals. Divergence signals are unreliable and fail at least as often as they succeed. They were not meant to be utilized as trend following tools.

The Multi-Time Frame Laguerre Modified Oscillator is a huge leap forward in oscillator mathematics. The formula it uses to calculate momentum is unique. The formula contains a Gamma and filters which have been modified to create both stability and speed. It is optimized as a trend following tool and does a multi-time frame momentum assessment with modifiable inputs that can be formatted to use on any time frame.
It is unique and truly a second-generation oscillator.

It gives far better entry signals than Stochastic, RSI and Williams K as well.

Volume analytics have matured into a very complex field. First there was Market Profile, then Volume Ladder then a tick by tick assessment of the bid/ask disparity. All these tools have their place, but none are more powerful then the multi-time frame assessment of order-flow.

First and foremost, the indicator does a multi-time frame analysis which provides it with tremendous forward-looking ability. It tells you the direction that price is going to move out into the future with great precision. The indicator utilizes the MARKET DELTA of each candle of the higher time frame charts so that you always know who is in control of the markets, bulls or bears.

If you trade against the direction of the multi-time frame order flow analysis combined with the multi-time frame assessment of momentum, created by the Laguerre you are highly likely to get stopped out. Trading in the correct direction will lead to a low-risk, high-reward trades.