Optimized Multi-Time Frame Software System Futures Forex Stocks


  • Multi-time frame analysis of trend (background color of chart).
  • Multi-time frame analysis of order-flow (candle halo – magenta for short alignment, blue for long alignment).

  • Advanced volume-based analytics.

  • Tracks the flow of Institutional Money

  • Tracks the direction of correlative markets (dots and crosses above candles).

  • 15 and 50 proprietary exponential moving averages.

  • Multi-Time frame assessment of momentum via the Modified Laguerre Oscillator.


Performs a multi-time frame assessment of order-flow. The order-flow assessment is done by utilizing a proprietary “market delta” formula that calculates buy/sell imbalances and always tells you who is in control of the market: bulls or bears. Individually Optimized for Stocks, Futures and Forex Markets.

The Multi-Time Frame Lageurre Oscillator is unique. It’s “gamma” and “filters” determine the speed, sensitivity and specificity of the oscillator. Its Gamma and filters have been modified to create both stability and speed. The multi-time frame analysis is unique and provides traders with an unparalleled assessment of momentum. It is the most powerful and precise oscillator ever created and has tremendous forward-looking ability.