The 30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge

Discount price $97 for first Month. This purchase creates a subscription that will auto-renew at $199/month.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 2 Live Trading Rooms – ($299/Month Value)  Our Pro Traders, using our software and trade methodology will call out trades in advance, with targets and stop projected. A Profit/Loss for every trade will be calculated. This will demonstrate the power of the program in live markets.
  • Post Trading Room Education($149/Month Value)  After the Live Trading Session has ended your Pro Trader will review the rational for all trades taken. Do an in-depth review of our software and how it joins seamlessly with our trade methodology. This is a live interactive, eclectic session where you get the opportunity to have all your questions answered by our Pro Trader and chat with your trading colleagues.
  • Technical Analysis Mastery Course – ($897 Value)  The Mastery Program will teach you about this software and how mathematical modeling techniques were used to create it. Then, one by one, each of the leading indicators we use will be reviewed in depth. Trade set-ups both long and short will be shown to you in a live market. After you master all of this information, you’ll know with great certainty the direction of the future movement of price.
  • Ten Module Educational Series($299 Value)  The first step of our Trading Framework in which you’ll get access to a cutting-edge course that provides you with the proper Mindset, Tools and Knowledge to understand our indicators and trade methodology and money management strategies.
  • Members Only Live Trading Chat Room ($149/Month Value)  Join our community of traders and exchange ideas and get great feedback on your trades. Just post your question and get helpful replies from our coaches and members.  It’s a great community!
  • Member Only Nightly Video Commentary –($199/Month Value)  Every week we’ll upload members only trading videos. These videos feature market analysis and commentary on important stocks, futures and Options Trades on our radar screen. We will may discuss small Bio Tech stocks with the high potential for a break-out. These Daily Trading Videos also feature important longer-term trade setups for those of you interested in taking Multi-Day Swing Trades.
  • Responsive Customer Support  Our team of valued customer support associates will answer your questions on a timely basis, so you’re not left without an answer to your questions. Unlike most companies, when you call us you will get a live trading coach on the phone, not an answering service.
  • In House Computer Geek with a master’s degree in Programming  Have a tech issue, no problem. We will fix it on the spot. Our tech support is the best in the industry.
  • Member Only Discounts on Trading Workshops and Indicators   Our members enjoy discounts on our workshops and indicators and sometimes you just might get a free workshop or indicator for being a member.



Normally, new members pay $2997 for the 30-Day Challenge and $497 for the Technical Analysis Master Class Series. During this limited time offer we provide you will all of this educational learning and live trading experience for only $97.

To complete the challenge, you must try to:
1) Invest at least 2 hours a day in your trading education.
2) Make a profit in your simulated trading account.


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