Algorithmic Trading System

auto-traderHere at Right Line Trading we believe that the future of day trading lies with cutting-edge predictive algorithms. This is the method of (day) trading that all large financial institutions utilize. The Algorithmic Trading System takes into account every independent variable determined to effect the price movement of a financial instrument. All aspects of trade management are done automatically. The Algorithmic Trading System is housed in a server centrally located in the United States and signals are sent directly into your computer control panel.

  • Removes the human discretionary variable from day trading. People react with different emotional intensities to prior gains and losses, they tend to become biased by the news and are not able to quantify trading risks accurately.
  • The key principle of the Algorithmic Trading System lays in the fact that a financial instrument’s price is a function of many factors interacting non-linearly. Therefore, it is advantageous to use elements of artificial neural networks and intermarket linking.
  • Algorithmic Trading Systems self-adjust to current market conditions.

The Algorithmic Trading System is currently active on 6 markets – soon to be active on 12 markets.