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Unmatched Performance

Stands out as the best discretionary trading software in the industry. With it's advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis, you can expect unparalleled performance that consistently delivers results.

User-Friendly Interface

We believe that powerful tools should also be easy to use. Our intuitive user interface makes navigating the software a breeze, whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out.



Your success is our priority. This Software includes advanced risk management features that help you mitigate potential losses and optimize your risk-reward ratio.

Traders Are Loving the Spy Super System

Learn More About the System:

Join David Wyse, a verified Reddit trader, in unlocking the secrets of institutional money flow using these two remarkable systems. The Compass Trading System identifies optimal entry and exit points for your options trades by analyzing institutional involvement and market direction. Simultaneously, the Market Internals Dominator System assesses market sentiment and generates buy or sell signals when significant disparities in stock movements are detected. With these tools at your disposal, you'll have the advantage of making well-informed trading decisions and potentially maximizing your profits. Watch the YouTube video to learn more.

David Wyse has been a professional options trader for over 13 years. He has a Reddit Verified Performance and has been mentoring students for close to a decade. David has a 90%-win rate trading the Compass Trading System. His calm and confident demeanor lends to a stress-free trading environment. His #1 goal is to find you winning trades!

The Methodology Behind $py $uper $ystems $uccess

Compass Trading System 📈

The Compass Trading System is your ultimate ally in making profits in the market. It goes beyond mere stock identification; it precisely pinpoints stocks under the influence of institutional buying or selling, ensuring you're aligned with the smart money. Equally valuable, it skillfully identifies stocks untouched by institutional influence, allowing you to avoid potential pitfalls. With this keen insight, the Compass Trading System empowers you to focus on high-potential trades driven by institutional involvement while steering clear of those lacking their support. It's a strategic advantage that can significantly enhance your trading success and potential for profit.

Market Internals Dominator 📉

The Market Internals Dominator System is David's secret weapon for profit generation. By meticulously analyzing market internals for key indexes, it identifies crucial buy or sell signals when significant disparities in stock movements are detected. This keen insight into market sentiment and volume flow allows David to strategically time his trades, capitalizing on favorable market conditions. With the Market Internals Dominator System at his side, David Wyse enhances his trading precision, making well-informed decisions that can potentially lead to substantial profits.

Institutional Money Flow 📈

The combination of the Market Internals Dominator System and the Compass Trading System has been the cornerstone of David's remarkable success in tracking institutional money flow and reaping exceptional profits. Together, these systems provide a comprehensive view of the market, allowing David to precisely identify when institutions are influencing trades and gauge overall market sentiment. This synergy ensures that he enters trades strategically, aligning with institutional activity and avoiding stocks lacking such support. The result? David makes well-informed decisions with a high probability of success, translating into impressive profits that have set him apart as a trading expert.

The Profitable Difference 📉

David Wyse's success in 2022 closed with a track record of 151 trades 135 wins 14 losses and 2 scratches. That is an outstanding 90%-win rate with a profit factor of 3.57! His incredible performance underscores the power of his data-driven approach. By harnessing trade analytics and meticulous data analysis, David makes informed trading decisions that consistently lead to profits. He leverages the insights gained from the Compass Systems and Dominator Systems to spot opportunities backed by institutional activity and market sentiment. This analytical precision allows him to select trades with a high probability of success, emphasizing the importance of data in guiding his options trading strategies. David Wyse's track record serves as a testament to the effectiveness of his data-driven approach in achieving remarkable profits in the world of options trading.

Exclusive Items Received In Package:


Compass Trading System Annual Access ✔️

  • This groundbreaking software identifies when institutions are actively trading in the market. This vital information allows you to align your trades with the big players, potentially increasing your chances of success.
  • Receive real-time alerts on high-probability trade setups based on institutional involvement, market internals, and technical analysis.
  • Designed for both day traders and short-term swing traders, it caters to those who can't be glued to the screen all day.


Market Internals Dominator Annual Access✔️

  • Dive deep into market sentiment analysis by tracking the internals of major indexes, including the DOW, NYSE, QQQ, SPY, and Russell 2000.
  • Generate buy or sell signals when the software detects significant disparities in stock movements, boosting your chances of making informed trades.
  • Combine it with the Compass Trading System for even higher probability trade setups.


Compass Options SMS Text Alerts ✔️

  • Receive David Wyse's live trade alerts via SMS for 3 months on your mobile phone. Get essential details, including Stock Symbol, Option Strike Price, Options Expiration Date, and the option's price.
  • Exit prices are alerted as good till canceled (GTC), allowing you to close trades as soon as profit targets are reached.


Free Access to Options Live Trading Room ✔️

  • Gain exclusive access to David Wyse's Options Live Trading Room for 3 months via GoToWebinar. Follow his trades, learn his strategies, and receive expert insights in real-time.
  • David's results speak for themselves. From Jan to June of 2023 our members raked in over $50,000 in profits taking
  • David closed 2022 with a track record of
    151 trades 135 wins 14 losses and 2 scratches
    That is an outstanding 90%-win rate with a profit factor of 3.57!


High - Tech Market Scanner✔️

  • Make trading decisions a breeze with a dozen scanners that pinpoint exactly which ticker is about to explode either to the up or downside.
  • The Market Scanners simultaneously scan thousands of tickers and provide you with tickers have the strongest or weakest relative strength vs. the SPY
  • Bonus Scanners: Break out of the Box , Cascading Up & Down, and more also Included!


Discord Trading Room Access✔️

  • Free access to the Discord server. It's where our entire community of traders hang out. They share their trading insights, their experiences, hot picks, daily results and more. It's a fantastic way to learn and get super awesome trading tips from other traders just like you!


Wyse Way to Trade Options Master Class Modules ✔️

  • Obtain Access to David Wyses' personal set up videos and other videos with instructions on how to set up these charts and how to use the Spy Super System.
  • Access to tutorial videos where David will teach even more of his methodologies to predict institutional money-flow.


White Glove Installation ✔️

  • Obtain free white glove installation service for the Spy Super System Annual Deal ensures a hassle-free setup experience. Our expert technicians provide personalized guidance and support, optimizing your system's performance and security. Choose us for a seamless and convenient installation, backed by exceptional customer service.


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