Meet the Insiders. The Right Line Trading team has spent many years working together, merging complex and diverse ideas into working trading and investment strategies and systems. Our success stems from our energy driven culture and the synergies derived from a multidisciplinary team. We bring unique expertise in market analysis, strategy development, software programming, trading and risk management. The Right Line Trading Team is led by its founder Mark Sachs, a 25-year Wall Street insider who 2 decades ago pioneered new mathematical algorithms for the optimization of closed systems. He is recognized as an innovator and developer of trading strategies and automated systems. He is a former Professor at Jefferson College in Philadelphia and has published 15 articles in top tier journals.

Sergio Rodriguez heads the Division of Software Programming. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science and Programming and is responsible for bringing the companies complex analysis of price, market structure and correlative markets to life in a software suite that is easy to interpret. Sergio always seems to 10 projects on his to-do” list at the same time. Rory is trading coach and logistical support provider who assists current and potential traders with all their questions and technical support needs. Rory has been trading for 15-years and is always ready to assist our trading family in any way he can.