Come join Pro Trader Craig Emrey Monday – Friday at 9 AM – 11:30 AM ET as he trades the Nasdaq (NQ) and S&P 500 (ES) E-minis.
All trades are called out well in advance with chart trader and P/L displayed on every trade. On Tuesday & Thursdays join Craig for a comprehensive review of RLT trade methodology, indicator analysis, and a live Q&A before the trading session begins. All trades are called out in advance with chart trader projecting the stop and profit targets to minimize risk and maximize rewards.
The Money Flow Tracker Trading System is projected in the room and will provide you with entry signals to follow the flow of institutional money.
Come see the most powerful trading system available to the retail trader.
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✓ Proprietary trade management strategies (ATM’s)
✓ Training Tutorial Videos
✓ Discord Chat Group for futures traders