Day & Swing – Trading 5-day Live Online Masterclass


Forty years ago, 95-98% of traders lost their trading account. Today that number has not changed a bit. That’s because trading is not looked upon as a scientific discipline, in which each indicator is methodically evaluated mathematically.

If an indicator turned out to work, it would be embraced and what didn’t work would be formally discarded from standard trading methodology. Unfortunately, this does not happen, and the science of trading has not evolved in over four decades. Almost all traders still use the same broken forty-year-old indicators and trading strategies.

But as a graduate of an Ivy League Institution, majoring in applied mathematics I have changed all that. No longer should you judge the value of a master class based on the length of the syllabus or the magnitude of the phony results posted by the untrained, self-appointed, “trading guru”, who has never taken an honest trade in their lives.

Judge the value of a trading course on the educational background of the mentor. So, step away from the pack and I will teach you a trading methodology that works. I have created thousands of profitable traders, with hundreds joining me in my Live Trading Room each morning. We ally with Wall Street Money and run over the other small retail traders utilizing all the failed trading methods that have been destroying traders for years.

Buckle up, because this is a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts educational endeavor that will finally put you on the right path. You will have to purge your mind of all the “junk” you have been taught and embrace a new kind of trading method, one based on applied mathematics, one that has been rigorously back tested and proven to work.

Here is my promise to you. I will bring to the table a trade methodology that works. I trade it every morning in my Live Trading Room. If you bring, discipline and patience to the table we will partner together to create wealth.

PS: You do not need one course to learn to trade Forex, another to learn to trade stocks and ETF’s, and even another to learn to swing trade. A truly mathematically optimized trading methodology works on any time frame and all markets.

Learn to trade Futures, Forex and Stocks from an Ivy League traded mathematician with 20 years of trading experience.


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Course Tuition: $4,997

Classes Meet Sunday, through Thursday starting at 7:00 PM, ET.
(we continue until all the material is presented and all questions are answered! No one gets left behind)

***POLICY: Payment is due in full prior to the scheduled mentorship sessions. LLC, has a “no cancellation policy” on this educational material and no full or partial refunds will be provided for any reason.