Money-Flow Tracker Software System

At Right Line Trading, we focus on the development, implementation and monitoring of analyses created to determine the directional flow of Wall Street money. This dominant force governs the direction of price on all markets (futures, Forex, stocks). This force renders all other types of analyses ineffective. Tracking the directional flow of Wall Street money is a quantum leap more powerful than the standard directional analysis done by the antiquated indicators in common use.

Three key metrics are utilized as markers of Wall Street money. The first is Order-Flow, the second is Laguerre Momentum and the third is the quantitative analysis of correlative markets (neural net). All metrics are calculated via the use of the “Triple Screen Method”, with the results projected onto your trading cart.

Our systems are developed by our staff, headed by a former professor who is trained in applied mathematics. Our programmers utilize comprehensive forward tested data. We seek to eliminate most of the discretionary components of trading. Discretionary trading decisions are subject to emotions, such as fear and greed, lack of discipline and patience and well as other factors that contribute to human error.
Our latest and most advance trading system to date is the Money-Flow Tracker. The system is designed for day trading as well as swing trading. The system is effective on all markets (stocks, futures, Forex) and all-time frames.

As mentioned previously, features include intermarket correlation analytics, Order-Flow analysis, and Laguerre Momentum assessment. Entries are based on optimized system generated signals. Exit strategies are all pre-configured and allow traders to take both short-term profit and continue to look for longer term gains.

The company has uniquely optimized discrete systems, one for the Forex Markets, one for stock market and one for the futures market.
The company has three uniquely optimized systems designed to specifically trade their respective markets: 1) Stocks, 2) Forex, 3) Futures. Each is associated with a win percentage of 85% or greater.


  • One Month Live Trading Room

  • Weekly Educational Training Sessions

  • Video Tutorial Library

  • Unlimited VIP Trading Support

  • White Glove Installation

Cost: $2,999 per year

Operational on Ninjatrader 7 and Ninjatrader 8