NDT Trade Execution Platform

This trade entry and management tool takes a quantum leap forward, placing it well ahead of all other standard trading dome. It addresses and solves one of the most neglected and difficult aspects of trading: setting up and executing a trade at the optimal entry price. Doing so, on a stuttering entry dome in a rapidly moving market can be daunting, if not impossible. Setting up a buy-stop or sell-stop may turn out to be the toughest part of the trade. Even executing a simple limit entry order many be overwhelming.

The NDT-Trade Execution Platform solves all these problems. It determines the candle close price, during candle formation and sets up your entry. Your entry order is sitting, awaiting final candle close. Once the trade is executed, the trade is managed via the use of each trader’s pre-configured trade management settings, which we program into the entry tool for you.

Targets and stops are projected and can be modified as the trade evolves.
A unique entry feature is triggering a trade on a pull-back. When the trade executes, you are already in the green on the trade. There are numerous other unique trade entry, trade management, and trailing stop configurations you will find nowhere else.

Step in front of other traders with this execution and trade management tool.

Cost: $1,500 per year


  • Weekly Educational Training Sessions

  • Video Tutorial Library

  • White Glove Installation

  • 35-Page Manual