NDT Trade Execution Platform



The Ninja Dom Trading Execution Platform is software that takes a quantum leap forward in trade execution management.
The software configures and executes trades that cannot be taken on any other trading platform.

These bars allow you to read price-action (modified Japanese Candlestick formations) while smoothing out price and optimizing your ability to avoid chop. Uni-Renko bars also provide you with the ability to minimize the size of your protective stop and maximize the distance to your price targets.

It is critical the inputs of each Uni-Renko Bar be modified (optimized) based on the market you are trading and your goals: to swing trade or day trade. We calculate optimized inputs based on the price and volatility of the market you are trading.


  • Minimizes slippage on every entry.

  • Precise entries even in a fast market.

  • Will prevent great entries from skidding past you.

  • One button set ups the trade entry well in advance of price.

  • Adjusts entry price automatically as needed.

  • Great for configuring entries on a market reversal.

  • Now matter what your trade methodology this is.

  • A stellar tool you should not trade without.

Price: $1500